Volkswagen Suspension

Volkswagen Suspension up-gradations are filled with compromise. Ride comfort and high performance are at odds. The key is to find a suspension that delivers enough amounts of each to get the job done perfectly, whether for the stuffy daily commutations or during weekend drives on the local road course. The most advanced suspension systems that are developed like the air-spring suspension does everything overall. The air spring suspension offers spring rate changes effectively, rebound turning and compression, along with corner weighting and load leveling. Touring, Sport and Track were being offered by the system. Ride and handling were provided in the touring mode comparable to the factory-delivered vehicle. Spring rate, Original ride height, and damping produce a balance which is perfect for daily commuters or highway touring people.

Sport mode will dramatically step up in handling the responsiveness. 1 inch lowering of the Ride height, whereas damping and spring rate are increased to in order to reduce the body motion and to sharpen the steering response. Vehicle will be lowered by 2 inches in the track mode, spring rate will be doubled, and firmest damping will be provided. The system will not deliver any nonsense, and compromise setup for the most aggressive motorsport amateur situations.

It is difficult to detect the touring mode as in sports mode reduction of height. The ride will be stiffer; much less body and less roll and full steering response will be felt. Especially for the VW vehicles, just by monitoring steering input it was easy to tell that the Track-mode car of VW was significantly doing better. We are the online dealers, Cheap Euro Parts for providing all types of the suspensions for all the variants of VW. We offer great deals and offers with attractive discounts at our store. So visit our store for the full details. Browse through our site for the information on all the VW products. Have a look at all sorts of suspensions that are available and go with the best one out of them. “Cheap Euro Parts” provide the technical support to our customers for any installations and also offer 24 hours service.

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