E46 Turbo Kit 99-06 Stage 2


Cheap Euro Parts presents this stage 2 JDM complete Turbo Kit for your BMW E46 3-Series BMW.  This kit has even more of a horsepower boost than our Stage 1 kit for your BMW E46 and will net over 200+ horsepower when installed professionally.  This E46 Turbo Kit will provide your BMW E46 a new lease on life with envigorating horsepower gains that will transform your BMW into a true Ultimate Driving Machine.

This E46 Stage 2 Turbo Kit comes with all components that you will need in maximizing the performance of your BMW E46 3-Series.  Made of the highest quality materials and designed specifically for your BMW E46.

JDM'S Turbo Kit Come with: 

              JDM'S T2 Turbocharger with 3" Filter!!
              Turbine Turbocharger
              Oil cooled only
              6 blade propeler
              Compressor Specs :
              3" Compressor Inlet
              1.990" or 50.55mm Minor
              3.000" or 76.2mm Major
              Compressor .50 A.R.
              Compressor 57 Trim
              M12 / T4 Compressor Housing
              Turbine Specs :
              T3 Type Turbine
              11 Blade Type
              2.25" Outlet
              Turbine .64 A.R.
              Turbine 76 Trim
              2.207 " or 56.06mm Minor
              2.567 " or 65.2mm Major
              Exhaust Outlet Flange with 5 bolt design
              Can modified to use external or internal wastegate.

               JDM'S T3/T4 Turbo Oil Feed Line !!
              Made Out of High Quality Aluminum
                Improves Engine Oil Cooling for all Engine types
               Length : 36"
               1/8" Adapter NPT Male Fitting for the Block
               Comes with all accessories needed.

               JDM'S T3/T4 Turbo Oil Return Line !!
               Made Out of High Quality Aluminum
                Oil Return Line made for turbo
               Helps circulate oil from the turbo to the oil pan
               All components are included for fitment
               Fits on all turbos
                Only works on metal oil pans only!
               JDM Manual Turbo Boost Controller !!
              In order avoid replacing wastegate springs, which only give a fixed increase, which is not adjustable, a boost controller will be the most cost
                  effective solution.
              Allows adjustable boost psi settings, light weight design to be mount under the hood. Hardware is included
               Universal fitment and great for all Turbo applications
               Easy to adjust from 1-30PSI
                Professional Installation required

               JDM Blow Off Valve with Adapter Pipe!!
               Direct Bolt-On For All Turbo Application With Flange
               Universal Fitting Kit
               This Blow Off Valves Are Easily Adjustable To Prevent Both Premature Boost Leakage And Compressor Surge
               Both Premature Boost Leakage And Compressor Surge.
               It Can Hold Up To 1200HP Or 25 PSI Of Boost Pressure
               Professional Install Suggested
               Comes with 2.5" Adapter pipe made for bovs

               JDM'S 2" Turbo Boost Gauge & Air/Fuel Gauge
               52mm diameter = 2inch universal fitments
               Luxury Chrome trims framing
               Dark Tinted face for stealth JDM looks.
               LED lightings allow great visibility during day and night
               12v gauge, light weight abs plastic finish
               Features White numbering and Red needles

               JDM'S Universal Starter Turbo Piping Kit
               Intercooler Piping are CNC Machine Mandrel Bent (Jp Design)
               Made From High Quality 6061 Aluminum Material with chrome finish
               Extra Thick Piping and Increased Air Flow
               Light weight design. Made from Aluminum.(Increase 10-20 HP).
               PSi Drop under 0.2. Other Intercooler usually drop 10Psi Some are More
               Comes with Turbo Pipes, T Bolt clamps and Couplers

               JDM'S 31"x11.5"x3" Turbo Intercooler
               Tube & Fin Design
               Light weight designed. Made of Aluminum.(Increase 10-20 HP).
               All TIG Welded 6061 Aluminum
               PSi Drop under 0.2. Other Intercooler usually drop 10Psi Some are More
               Max PSi is 30 Up to 400HP
               Core Size: 28"x11.5"x3"

               JDM'S T3/T4 Turbo Downpipe Flange
               Made out of High quality of Aluminium Material
               Made from 100% SUS T-304 Stainless Steel
               Used to fit with any pipe to make a custom downpipe to fit your car.

   JDM'S 38mm Turbo Wastegate with Flex Pipe
              All Stainless Steel hardware
              Mating weld flanges are 304L.
              17-7 PH Stainless Steel actuator spring gives consistent pressure at high temperature, resist "relaxing" at temperature to 900F (483C).
              High temperature silicone reinforced actuator diaphragm.
              High temp alloy is used for valve and 347SS valve housing will offer longer product life compared to competing designs.
              External wastegates are commonly used for regulating boost levels more precisely than internal wastegates in high power applications, where high boost levels can be achieved.
              Comes with a spring around 7psi