Mercedes Performance Chips

Anybody who owns a car wants to see an increase in its performance. The performance of a car or any other automobile is dependent on its engine. The engine’s parameters can be tweaked to improve its performance. Engine performance chips can be used to enhance the performance of an engine and this applies to Mercedes as well. The Engine Control Unit acts on the lookup tables that are hard coded into the performance chips. The lookup tables contain several combinations of different parameters. Some Performance chip manufacturers recommend that certain parts be replaced to compliment the performance chips. These parts include spark plugs, aftermarket filters, super chargers, etc. Some mandate the usage of spares like low temperature thermostat to ease engine cooling.

If an automobile is under warranty, it is better to replace the performance chip with the original factory fitted chip, before taking the Mercedes to the authorized dealer for servicing. There are different types of chips, which are targeted towards different engine’s parameters. The engine’s mileage and horse power can be improved by 50–70 points with the usage of these chips. They also improve the gear transmission. Faster acceleration times, excellent engine smoothness and good fuel efficiency can be achieved with these chips. The automobile manufacturers don’t encourage the usage of these chips and try to overlook the benefits that they bring, just to protect their business interests. There are some chips meant for Mercedes electrical system, which increase the battery life and stabilize voltage.

Fuel saver chips increase the fuel economy of the engine. They contain the data of the amount of fuel to be supplied to the engine depending on its temperature, throttling state and speed. Fuel consumption depends on oxygen level in the exhaust and engine load, so these two parameters are considered while injecting the fuel into the engine. The good part of these chips is that we can make the most out of the engine, without having to replace it to enhance its performance. They cost less and are easy to install. No wiring or solder work is involved to replace them. The installation process is often described in their manual. Out of the many third party vendors who supply these chips for Mercedes, only the chips from reputed ones should be used. “Cheap Euro Parts” has their fame in selling all the high quality products for replacements at very reasonable prices. You can get all varieties of performance chips in our store. Purchase them online Cheap Euro Parts at discounted prices and enjoy the hassle free installation and drive with pride.

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