Lotus Turbo Kits

Lotus Turbo kits are the great way to modify the cars and will definitely make the difference in the car performance. You can definitely feel the difference while driving. Lotus turbo kits are available at a very affordable prices compared to the other turbo chargers that are available in the market. We offer considerable benefits to the customers and the payments can be done in easy installments at “Cheap Euro Parts”. Lotus turbo kits are available and any one can increase the car performance by installing the charger in their cars. Mileage can be improved to a far extent with the installation of the turbo chargers in the car. Good warranty is being provided by us on all the Lotus turbo kits that are manufactured by the Lotus. These turbo kits work in concert with the new high flow fuel injectors along with the engine management control unit. Horse power can be increased to more than 200 from 180’s and the torque increase is also observable. With these changes, the drivers can feel the importance of the turbo chargers in the vehicle.

Installation of the Lotus turbo kits are pretty simple and can be done in 30 minutes. We have specialized technicians who are experts in installations and you can go back happily without wasting your valuable time. Purchasing can be done online at Cheap Euro Parts also and our service engineers will support you for the installations at your door steps. This is almost like plug-and-play type of kit. After market RAM, intakes and filters are very helpful along with the installation of the turbocharger. You can get all the possible performance parts from our store. Turbo charger and RAM are distant cousins both employs centrifugal impeller which has to run all the time. They should match the engine’s airflow along with high pressure air compressor. This requires more hp in driving the device. Turbo chargers are very efficient in doing this task efficiently. All supporting performance kits that are needed for the turbo chargers are available at our store. Lotus Elise, Lotus Exige and many other lotus vehicles can use these turbo chargers for improving their engine performance. People consider that the failure for the turbo is very much rear and always prefer to get the turbo fixed in their vehicles.

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