Lotus HID Bulbs

Lotus is one of the best brands what you have in today’s market; it is well known for its innovative design and advanced engineering, style. It has good name for its performance, with advanced technology in the automobile industry. By using the latest technology Lotus has designed different types of accessories according to the current needs. Lotus is well known for its style, innovative design, quality total reliability and car Safety features. In order to keep up the branded features, “Cheap Euro Parts” are providing high quality designed accessories in huge quantity. Lotus HID or High Intensity Discharge bulbs have become one of the special investments in every car. HID Bulbs runs on gas free principle in which xenon gas is consumed with noble gases for producing light and makes at least 3 times lighter compared to normal halogen bulbs. HID bulbs can provide 3 times extra light while driving in darkness. With this light you can observe the road with 3-times superior visibility than that of halogen headlights.

Advantages what you get by buying the Lotus HID bulbs from our store “cheap Euro Parts” are the greater discounts and free installation or free home delivery. Replacement of halogens with HID’s include low power utilization and an improved intensity of light. The system used in these HID lights is different when compared to others and brings change to your car’s performance. We provide four types of HID bulbs: The single beam, high or low beam; telescope kit and bi-xenon bulbs. These HID lights come in various color series from white to blue. General HID bulbs are composed of three parts: bulbs, ballasts and igniter. These HID kit bulbs do not have any thin filaments but filled with xenon gases and salts. These bulbs are more popular with its sharp focus and reliability. These HID kit headlights have the ability to cover the entire stretch. The comfort and service that they offer with these bulbs producing light is supreme. Once you can distinguish the benefits of these HID lights over conventional halogen bulbs, the next standard step is to replace your old existing low-efficiency bulbs with these authoritative and better-quality HID lights. We are here to help you providing more detailed information through our online catalog Cheap Euro Parts about all the HID bulbs for your Lotus. If you think that and the bulbs needs to be replaced then purchase from our online store with better deals and enjoy the pleasant night drives in your car.

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