Lotus Exhausts

Lotus Exhaust system consists of series of pipes and tubing where in every part is responsible in performing special tasks. The tube is used to direct the waste exhausted gasses to go away from the engine’s controlled combustion. There is a multiple assembly which is intended to gather the exhaust gasses from two or more cylinders into a single pipe. Headers are designed to collect the exhaust gasses. These Headers are made of steel pipes with necessary bends and folds convenient for the entire exhaust gases arrive at the same time. Along with headers, a catalytic converter is used to decrease the dangerous elements in the exhaust before they are released into the air. The complete set of Lotus Exhausts are made of reliable quality material with perfect dimensions making the perfect air flow to and from the car and also to generate more power to the engine. At “Cheap Euro Parts” we have a wide collection of exhausts systems that are suitable to your Lotus cars.

These Lotus exhaust systems include the piping, catalytic converter, muffler and muffler tips. These are also known as cat-back exhausts. In the latest Lotus cars, mainly there are three stages in the Lotus converter. Decrease of catalyst in the first phase along with decrease of nitrous oxides emissions through platinum and rhodium. Second phase uses platinum and palladium catalyst to decrease the unburned hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide. In the last phase, control system monitoring the exhaust flow.

With all this information, you would have come to know the importance of the exhausts in the vehicle for better performance. So get the replacements done at the correct time to get the better performance from your car. You can get the necessary replacements of the parts from “Cheap Euro Parts” at very affordable prices. For your convenience we deliver the products at your door step. You can place the order online at Cheap Euro Parts and you can get all the information about the exhausts systems that are available at our store. We have a huge collection of Lotus Exhausts made of varieties of materials like carbon fiber, stainless steel, titanium, bolts and associated pipes. All our products are known for their best quality and unique shapes which improvises the look to your car. All our exhausts are finished with very light and strong substances for increased durability. So purchase them at our online store to avail reasonable discounts.

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