Lotus Corner Lights

British Company manufactured Lotus cars are known for their racing and sports cars. They involved in building and designing race and in production of low weight automobiles and high capacity handling characteristics. They mainly focused on customer competition cars and road cars. So to improve the features of the car like the look and the safety, it is always better to go for some simple accessories like the corner lights at our “Cheap Euro Parts” at very reasonable prices.

All the lights of the Lotus vehicles are installed for the purpose of safety. Car lights play an important role in the function of the automobile and cannot be avoided. In 1953 Tatra T77 introduced one kind of light which functions as a cornering light. In the earlier stages, cornering lights are used for the purpose of better looking. Some of the lights are used for the dual purpose. Corner lights are one type of such lights which are used for dual functioning. They are used both for the purpose of safety and luxury appearance. They are helpful in safe driving mainly during darkness to avoid hazardous situations. The other name of corner lights is known as the side marker lights. The lotus corner lights are fixed in the two front corners and usually mounted beside the headlights along with wrap around bump. Different types of corner lights are available in different designs, colors and made of different materials. Corner lights are mainly used for the purpose of reducing the dangers of driving. The corner lights are generally mere reflectors but some time they are plain and smooth running lights. Reflector kind of corner light will give your vehicle a stylish and better look and do not have safety functions.. With a simple modification by fixing the corner lights for your vehicle you can change the total outstanding look of your vehicle. We have displayed all the models of Lotus corner lights that make your Lotus more impressive in terms of look and safety, in our online store Cheap Euro Parts at very affordable prices. Online purchase option is made available to our customers and the products are home delivered.

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