E92 Smoked Headlight Tints


Item: Pre-cut Smoke Vinyl Overlays

  • 1 Side for Left Head Light
  • 1 Side for Right Head Light
  • 1 Side for Left Fog Light
  • 1 Side for Right Fog Light

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    Vehicle: BMW 3-Series E92 Coupe
    Application: Head Lights & Fog Lights
    Model Year:
    2007, 2008, 2009


    Our kits are precision computer pre-cut and are made with a high performance translucent softened PVC film with UV-stabilizers & gloss surface with adhesive backing.  The material are applied in a manner similar to vinyl stickers/graphics.  Our film also carries a 7 year warranty. It will enhance the appearance of your vehicle, and will not crack, yellow, shrink or peel over time.  This kit is design to be permanent, but can be remove at anytime without damaging your lights. This film is made to withstand any weather condition, high speed, debris, and pressured car washes.

    When comparing to taking your lights apart and painting the inside which will lead to uneven color, the old fashioned clip-on/double side tape that are easily stolen, and is much more troublesome and permanent.  The static cling style which moisture will crack your lenses and will eventually fall off.  This is a much better alternative.  It is a simple and easy method without having to spend hundreds on modification.  Install the pre-cut overlays over the exterior of the light.  The light does NOT need to be remove in order to install this.  Installation instructions are included.

    *Installing smoked tint overlay cover on vehicles primary lighting may not be legal for street use. Please consult all state laws before applying to any lens.*


  • Model: 2007 2008 2009