LED DRL Audi-Style Daytime Running Bar Light for BMW



BMW LED Light Bar




Most Applications require modification or custom fitting. 

Product Description : 

BMWpartswheels.com presents these HIGH QUALITY LED Light Bars.  They are manufactured to be production model quality and provide absolute performance.  This product is NOT the cheap "knock-off" brand kits sold by other sites.  It is not a simplistic and flexible LED strip with low powered LED, nor is it a low quality reproduction. This is built with long term usage and functionality in mind.  BMWpartswheels.com backs all of our products we sell. 


With BMWpartswheels.com's new AUDI style parking light you no longer need the 1990s style ugly DRL lights that most cars use today. Jump into TODAY with the new LED based technology.


The product comes with many features including pulse width modulation for on/off signaling just like the factory units on the new Audi S5 and other new Audi models.


You can fit this to almost any vehicle with customization into the bumper to adapt the fixture into the lower valance or directly inside the bumper.  However if you do perform any custom work, we are no longer able to accept the product for return.  BMWpartswheels.com can help provide custom installation information.


For optimal placement, please ensure that the light is no less than 35cm from the ground and no more than 90cm above the ground.  Also, to ensure proper coverage area, please ensure that distance between the lights is at least 60cm apart.


  • DOT Legal

  • Lifetime Warranty

  • No Errors on any Vehicle

  • Simple 12V Power/Ground Connection with cut off 3rd lead wire for signaling.

Installation for this Product is classified as: MEDIUM

Installation can be done by any single person, advanced mounting or assembly skills may be required. A minimal number of tools (all found within a basic toolbox) are required. Estimated installation time is generally far less than an hour.  


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