E32 HID XENON angel eyes headlights


XENON Equipped European Version Glass Crystal Clear Headlights + Crystal Clear Corner Lights!!! FOR 1988-1994 BMW E32 735i/750il/740il BRAND NEW PAIR OF EUROPEAN CRYSTAL CLEAR ANGELEYES ELLIPSOID PROJECTOR HEADLIGHTS WITH BUILT-IN XENON BULBS AND BALLASTS. These headlights are made of real glass. Please note European version headlights are different than the U.S. version headlight connection plugs. European version headlights have the parking light function inside the main headlights, where U.S. version parking lights are inside the signal lights. For complete conversion into the U.S. cars, U.S. customers are required to move the parking light wiring from the signal lights to the headlight's angle eye wiring plug.