E53 X5 Zimmerman Disc Mintex Pad Brake Kit


Cheapeuroparts.com presents our Zimmermann/Mintex BMW E53 X5 Brake Package.  This package is one of the highest grade brake packages you can purchase for your BMW E53 X5.  This is a complete BMW brake package complete with drilled Zimmermann discs, Akebono Pads, Sensors and Lubricant.

4 Corner Brake Kit 

Comes with the following items:

Front Zimmermann Brake Discs (Left and Right)
Rear Zimmermann Brake Discs (Left and Rigt)
Front MINTEX Brake Pads
Rear MINTEX Brake Pads
Brake Pad Wear Sensor Front
Brake Pad Wear Sensor Rear
Silicone Anti Squeal Lubricant

MINTEX is considered one of the best pads on the market for minimizing dust and noise while maximizing stopping power.  Cheapeuroparts.com stocks only the best performance materials and parts for your BMW E53 X5.

Zimmermann is one of the industry leading standard for OEM Replacement and Performance Brake Dics.  Pair them together and you have one of the best combo's on the market for stopping power, minimal noise, and minimal brake dust.