Turbo Tuner For BMW 135i 335i 535i



Turbo Tuner 1 for BMW- Add 40 horsepower and 50ft-lbs of Torque to your 135i, 335i, 535i





Turbo Tuner Design Features:

Enhance Performance by up 50 ft-lbs and 40 horsepower at the wheels
The Turbo Tuner is a solution that works flawlessly with the stock ECU in your 135i, 335i, and 535i.  The Turbo Tuner for BMW works on demand which means that once the engine is boosting and throttle position is increased, the boost is increased as well. The Turbo Tuner was designed from the begining not to be a boost controller. The boost of the engine is always being controlled by the stock ECU. The Turbo Tuner works by progressively increasing the boost when you demad!

The Turbo Tuner for BMW is Easy to Use
The Turbo Tuner is a  plug-and-play solution that can be installed or uninstalled in 30 seconds.  The Turbo Tuner for BMW plugs into a OEM factory connector located near the airbox.  No cutting, no soldering, no mess! You car will always be driveable, and you do not need to send in your ECU for a reflash. Unlike an ECU re-flash, after the Turbo Tuner is removed, there is no trace that it was ever there. Unlike a hard-wired piggyback, the stock wire harness is left untouched.

Stock Drivability is Always Maintained
The Turbo Tuner for BMW does not change the factory Engine Vacuum settings which allows the factory drivability, fuel economy and exhaust emissions to be the same as stock when driven with light throttle.

Your BMW's Turbo Charged Engine will Remain Reliable
Every aspect of the inherent protection features built into the stock engine management system is preserved In addition, the design features a soft limit circuit that avoids over-boost. This protects the engine from potentially damaging boost spikes. There is also a temperature compensation protection circuit that lowers boost at elevated under-hood temperatures.

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