Turbo Tuner 2 For BMW 135i 335i 535i


The Turbo Tuner 2 is a more advanced version of Split Second’s popular Turbo Tuner, a superb plug-and-play solution that significantly enhances your BMW’s performance. Typical gains with the Turbo Tuner 2 are 40 additional horsepower and 50 extra ft-lbs of torque as measured at the wheels. The Turbo Tuner 2 is easy to install, and has an internal boost control setting that allows the use to adjust the boost increase from zero to four psi over stock.


Turbo Tuner 2 adds two unique features not present on the regular Turbo Tuner:


A user-accessible adjustment that allows you to fine-tune the additional boost.


And a wire harness extension that allows the product to be installed in a location that is more easily accessible. The connectors have also been improved for additional strain relief, assuring trouble-free operation over many cycles of installation and removal.

Turbo Tuner 2

The internal setting is accessed by removing two screws and the cover on the back of the unit. The setting adjusts the additional boost over stock. With a setting of 100 the unit will request an increase of 4 psi over stock. The actual boost will depend on several factors including the octane of the fuel. On the later model years a 2D25 manipulation prevention code can be set if the setting is too high. It is a good idea to check with a scan tool to 
make sure that code is not being stored. Turn down the setting if necessary.

It also features a 36” wire harness so the unit can be conveniently located in a place where it is easy to access for adjustment.

The Turbo Tuner 2 features rugged strain reliefs on the wire harness connectors.  This allows the unit to plugged and unplugged an unlimited number of times without damaging the wires.


When set to its maximum boost setting of 100, the Turbo Tuner 2 will generate 4 psi of boost.  With high-octane premium fuel it is capable of increasing horsepower by 55 hp and torque by 60 ft-lbs.

BMW 135i Dyno Results with Turbo Tuner 2

Turbo Tuner 2 Dyno

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