D2S More Blue or Purple Replacement Bulbs for BMW


Pair of High Quality Japan imported 6000, 8000K, 10000K or 12000K JDM D2C HID replacement bulbs for OEM HID equipped vehicles.  The JDM D2C HID bulb is a hybrid version of D2 Series HID bulb invented in Japan that can fit both D2S and D2R housings.

The color temperature on  OEM HID equipped vehicles are just 4300K, which they look yellowish and the lighting is not intense at all. After replacing the stock 4300K D2S or D2R bulbs with the JDM D2S or D2R bulbs, it will get rid of the yellowish look. The color temperature of the JDM bulbs will emit a Ultra White (6000K), Brilliant bluish (8000K), Deep bluish (10000K) or Light Purple (12000K).
It is perfect for customers who are looking for the better performance and exotic looking light output for their loved vehicles.
This is a direct replacement for your existing 4300K Xenon bulbs, there is absolutely no other hardware is needed.
Our JDM HID Xenon bulbs are precisely manufactured in Japan using genuine GE burners in order to maintain exact focus point and consistency. This will make sure the beam pattern will be the same as the stock 4300K D2S or D2R bulbs.
Don't settle with those cheap Knock-off Chinese made HID bulbs that will burn out quick and even damage your headlight housings. Only our Japan made HID bulbs will ensure you with the highest quality, best performance and longest lasting.

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