Audi 90 HID Bulbs

Audi 90 is very well known for their luxurious and stylish look. Audi 90 HID bulbs use the latest technology for illuminating the lights. The HID kit which is also known as High Intensity Discharge kit of Audi 90 includes wiring harness, electronic starters, 2 electronic ballasts, and 2 xenon bulbs. According to the customer need they can select the xenon bulb temperature 3000k, 4300k, 1000k, 2000k etc. The HID bulbs have a long life span and they also consume less energy. They use only 12 to 20,000 volts and power of 35 watts. The light produced by them will be times brighter than the ordinary light. HID kits are very beneficial and worth to purchase. By using HID kits for your Audi 90 vehicle 75% of the road accidents can be avoided.

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