Audi Superchargers

What is Audi Supercharger? First of all do you know what is meant by super charger? The word supercharger means it is an air compressor used for forced induction of an internal combustion engine. The combustion takes place with more oxygen in take which also provides more fuel to burn and provides more cycles with increasing power output of engine. The turbo super charger means the power which comes out from an exhaust gas turbine. After the car is manufactured it is sent to several testing. Out of all these the supercharger testing is very important. The horse power is the main thing in the performance of the car. This will be increased by the superchargers. The unit for the measurement of power but it is not taken as the unit of it. For most of us unit power is watt. This car comes out with an equivalent power of 734 watts.

Actually there are four types of chargers namely belt superchargers, electrical superchargers, mechanical superchargers and turbo superchargers. The mechanical super chargers are also called as air intake superchargers. The belt superchargers are good in producing power but not more than the turbo supercharger. These are very difficult to install and requires several modifications to the car engine. These are not suitable to every vehicle only for the company special product. The next comes here electrical supercharger which is easy to install and requires a special product for its operating. The mechanical superchargers are easy to maintain and have good performance when compared to other types. But the major disadvantage that it is also difficult to install into the air intake of the car as it requires 2.5inches to install. The last with the latest technology is the turbo chargers which are easy to install and are more effective. It normally gives a 100HP and converts a normal car into a very fast drive race car. It means it increases the speed of the car. According to the model of the Audi supercharger you select the price of it depends. These are available in the market as well as in the websites too. One can buy Audi Superchargers here at Cheap Euro Parts at very cheap price.