Audi HID Bulbs

HID stands for High Intensity Discharge. It releases light from plasma rather than a filament. It produces 4 times brighter light when compared to an ordinary light. It uses a ballast to start and uses some gasses for lighting principle. Not only this, the main advantage of this is that it consumes less energy when compared to halogen bulbs. Audi maintains the best name due to these products because of their performance, quality and durability. Audi is the company which is famous for producing the stylish and comfort vehicles all with the latest technology. So we advise the Audi users to go for the HID kits for the replacements. This kit consists of 2 xenon bulbs, 2 electronic ballasts, electronic starters and wiring harness. These xenon bulbs have a very high temperature of 3000k, 2000k, 1000k, 4300k etc. depending on the car model you can select the xenon bulb. We have a good collection of kits at our store and for your convenience we have our online store with all the required information.

The Audi HID kits have long lasting life span and saves energy too. They use power of 35 watts and voltage of 12 to 20,000 volts. In this there is no presence of a filament but light is released through electric discharge between two electrodes by a xenon gas and metal halide salts. When the power is passed through electrodes these gases get energized and a plasma discharge is formed. These produce light with high intensity giving greater view to the road giving a safe driving to the drivers without disturbing the other drivers. They easily convert electrical energy into light. These are more efficient in producing the light. 75% of road accidents occur due to non visibility of road and the rest due to rash driving. HID’s solve this problem by giving a clear view and eyes also will not be strained. The road indications signs can be viewed clearly. Replacement of old lights with the Audi HID bulbs takes just 15 minutes and I am sure you will experience a smooth driving. These are very beneficial and worth to buy. So navigate through our online catalog "Cheap Euro Parts” for more details on Audi HID Bulbs and purchase at very cheap and affordable prices.